Over 35 years of brotherhood, comradeship, loyalty




THE POCONO WARRIORS is an established club which promotes athletic, benevolent, charitable, civic, community welfare, educational and fraternal social activities within the community.  The Pocono Warriors is an organization of men interested in providing a spirit of brotherhood and unity among its members in a venue distinguished by respect and camaraderie.  In addition, the club seeks to establish outreach to other organizations and clubs that share similar interests and goals. 

RECRUITMENT  -- a men's leather club

Yes, we're looking for guys who are interested in the Leather Lifestyle and who are considering a fellowship of like-minded men.  Being a dispersed club, we are not "in your face"  -- we don't have lengthy, monthly meetings and sponsor countless events.  We meet just four times a year, in various cities in the region and host one major event.  Our club members are from all over the east coast, which makes our events so rewarding.  When we meet and hang together we truly enjoy one another's company, friendship, loyalty, and companionship.