Over 35 years of brotherhood, comradeship, loyalty


Welcome to the website of the
Pocono Warriors

a Levi / Leather club for men.  

We always remember and honor our recent, dearly, departed brothers: 


Paul Myers, Bill Marley, Arthur Floyd, C.T. Thompson, 

Ken Beardsley, Alan Bryant, Steve Alterman, and all others who have passed over the years.


 We are a leather brotherhood club meeting several times a year mostly in New York City and Philadelphia.  We are involved in helping the leather community through sponsoring and participating in charitable fund raising events.   Our members also enjoy getting together with other like-minded folk at special events held throughout the country for social and other activities.  We encourage those who have an interest in the leather scene and seek male camaraderie with other leather-focused men to join us at one of our meetings and special events.  Just contact us.

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